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Why is my name "Thiudareiks Flavius"?

Once upon a time, there was an online community called 'Ancient Sites' where members had to choose a log-in name and join a "Family" and a "City". My main historical interest is in the tribes of the ancient Germanic peoples, but since 'Ancient Sites' only catered for Celtic barbarians, I chose to join the city of "Rome", and signed up as a member of the "Flavian" family. But I chose the persona of a Romanised Germanic barbarian of the later Roman Empire. So, since there was a king of the Germanic Ostrogoth tribe who adopted the Roman surname "Flavius" and who is known to history as 'Theodoric the Great', I chose to use his name. But "Theodoric" is the Latinised version of his Gothic name, which was "Thiudareiks". This means 'people' (thiud) - 'ruler/king' (reiks, a cognate with the Latin 'rex'), so I chose "Thiudareiks Flavius" as my name, in honour of the great Ostrogoth king of the same name.

Unfortunately, Ancient Sites collapsed and its many members were scattered across the net. They tried to maintain the groups and communities AS had established, and many of them found their way to EzBoards, setting up post-AS communities there. I signed on to EzBoards as "Thiudareiks Flavius" to join these refugee communities.

Soon afterwards I discovered the EzBoard community "Roman Army Talk" and became a regular there. And then I found TWC, and began posting there as 'Thiudareiks Flavius'.

Since, for some odd reason, many TWCers find "Thiudareiks Flavius" hard to spell, so I am known there as "TF", especially on 'General Discussion', 'Creative Writing' and 'The Books'. I am rarely seen on other boards.

It is odd that people find my name so difficult, since Gothic is the great-great-grand uncle of English and one of Tolkien's favourite languages. It is, without doubt, one of the most aesthetically and linguistically beautiful languages on earth and it's a tragedy that it had not been spoken for 1500 years.

There has also been some debate as to how my name should be pronounced. According to the esteemed Dr Joseph Wright, author of the Grammar of the Gothic Language and JRRT's lecturer in Gothic and Germanic philology at Oxford as an undergraduate, the best pronunciation is "THEWda-reck(s)"

Incidently, 'Ancient Sites' (see above) has now been succeeded by Ancient Worlds, where I am now known as Thiudareiks Gunthigg (a proper Gothic name). I got them to set up a Germanic "city" there called Germania and am currently a "Scribe" or moderator there.

For more information about me, contact my fan club. Don't listen to my many enemies - they are hopelessly biased and wrong about almost everything. Listen to what the some of the so-called Hobbit Mothers say about me, then believe the polar opposite. ;>

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Recruitment Consultant

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Web design, Ancient and Medieval History, Books, Beer, Smart babes.

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